About Us

Our History

The main house at New Holme dates back to 1933. It was built by the owner of Driekopen Farm, Sanshin Smith, when he subdivided his farm for his sons. The original Driekopen homestead can be seen as you drive to New Holme after turning off the N1.



As white farmers claim the land along the Seekoei River from 1740 – 1775, conflict arised with the Koi who lived along this river. In 1775 a group of 26 farmers shot and killed 166 Koi along the river. This incident robbed the Koi from their heritage. In 2015, PC register a Black Empowerment Company as well as a NPO. The members are 3 of the black female workers on the property. The vision is to try to correct mistakes of the past.

Today these three women own some R400 000 worth of game and bread them under the mentorship of PC on the Karoo Gariep Nature Reserve. Making them the first and possible only black female buffalo breeders in SA. We hope to purchase land for them within 10 years , thus complete the circle and giving them hope and a dream to live for.