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    To do and see


This is one of the few sites in South Africa where you have a high probability of seeing the illusive aardvark, aardwolf and bat eared fox on a night drive! Owls, nightjars, porcupine are regulars and if you are extremely lucky you might see an African striped weazel or black footed cat.
Birding in the area is exceptional - join one of the regular bird ringing courses or just come and enjoy the specials - such as the blue korhaan.

Bird Watching

We do two birding drives per day. To date the Karoo Gariep Nature Reserve sports an impressive 230 bird species recorded. Do a self-drive trip or book an early morning drive with PC (an avid twitcher himself) at new Holme.


Night Drive

Experience the night life of the Karoo - the night drive departs from New Holme after dinner with PC as your guide. And even though the Karoo is an arid region, the diversity of nocturnal animals can be astounding. Possible sightings could include Aardwolf, Cape fox, Bat-eared fox, African wildcat, Aardvark, Porcupine, Striped polecat, African striped Weasel, both Small and Large spotted Genet to name but a few species, and if you are really lucky maybe even the tiny rare Black footed cat.


Mountain Biking

All of the dirt roads on the reserve are mapped and you can ride as far and long as you wish. The Windpomp to Windpomp Route is a 35km route that is short and fast, but don’t be fooled, there is a technical section that will keep you focused. There is also an opportunity for you to bring your old cycling medals lying around at home and attach them to The Lazy Hippo Medal Windmill, which is slowly developing into a "I was here" photo site.



The Seekoei River is a unique system meandering through this arid region.


Koi San Etching walk

Join PC on a 2 km guided walk in the koppies and learn about the early history of the San and their relationship with nature.


Dragonflies and Damselflies

South Africa has 164 species of dragonflies and damselflies.


Explore the Karoo Oasis Route

Small, and isolated, but ever-welcoming. The various towns and villages of the Karoo Oasis Route have fascinating and differing histories. Each town, with its distinct Karoo architecture, rests in valleys between seemingly desolate plains with flat-topped “koppies” (rocky ridges). But don’t be fooled. The plains of the Karoo are filled with amazing wildlife and people.