The Khoisan Karoo NPO

Small towns in the Northern Cape suffer from a lack of economic growth and capacity, which results in unemployment, poverty, hunger, and despair.

The tourism sector is the one job creator in the area with the potential to grow. However, to attract tourists, we need to clean the litter off the streets and stop people being mobbed by people begging. We aim to provide food and work opportunities for the unemployed, to restore their dignity and make the towns attractive for tourists by removing the litter.

This project addresses the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable members of the community by giving them access to food vouchers as payment for completing the simple task of picking up recyclable waste.

The recycling initiative will be funded by donors as well as our beehives and honey processing which will also add training and employment opportunities to the local population. The project will start in Hanover and later rolled out to 13 nearby towns. After receiving funding from the National Lotteries Commission (NLC),  Hanover was chosen for the initial rollout. 

We have partnered with Drawwertjies recycling, which has recently started an initiative in Hanover. This sees residents collecting waste, which is weighed and allocated tokens according to the weight of the different types of waste collected. These tokens can be exchanged for food or clothing in the store that they have created for this event.

In parallel, hives and equipment are being purchased and a small honey production plant established.